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As the smart home era approaches, access into the home via the use of intelligent fingerprint code lock also become a favorite for many domestic and foreign families alike. The safety and convenience of using the fingerprint code lock makes many family users experience huge life changes which are brought about by the advanced technology. This easy to use door lock system makes our life simpler, more safe and of the offers more convenience. Compared with the traditional access control lock systems, the technology used for the fingerprint lock series product is very obvious. The unique character of your fingerprint greatly improves performance and enhanced security for the user,plus the unique physiological subsidiary of fingerprint completely negates the hidden danger of mechanical keys loss or theft. These huge advantages make the fingerprint lock technology more and more accepted and required by the general population and will cause a worldwide security revolution.

We at Shenzhen Da chi Intelligent tech co.ltd,is a completely established supply chain business who provides the latest technology, high quality security systems and Intelligent security electronic door Lock system to many respected customers around the globe and for use in every businesses sector.

The main product we supply from our business portfolio is the Intelligent security electronic door Lock system, cabinet/locker lock and cctv security monitor system. For intelligent security electronic door lock system, it is super safe and makes life easier for gaining access to your home office and / or building. We mainly focus on biometric fingerprint lock, PIN keypad door lock, hotel card lock and cabinet/locker lock; For cctv security monitor system, it makes live monitor and record video, which will protect your home/office/building safety. We mainly focus on IP bullet camera, IP dome camera, AHD bullet camera, AHD dome camera, etc.

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