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Bluetooth lock Size

Bluetooth lock specification

(1) APP unlock Bluetooth anti-theft lock:your phone APP electronic keys are saved in the phone
(2) Electronic key long-range authority:Owner phone APP can send the electronic key to others, electronic key can be limited used, frozen, thawed and removed electronic keys.
(3) Administrator password to unlock: Equipped with touch keypad, the user can set a permanent password.
(4) Limited-time password (exclusive): you can send a limited-time password, authorize others unlocked by entering this temporary password.
(5) Password protection: When you enter an incorrect password 5 times intelligent lock automatically locks after 5 minutes; you can enter any digits password, but at last press the correct password.
(6) Password revoked (exclusive): set the expired password, enter the password being used to lock all or failure of a single password.
(7) Automatically locked: Open for more than 5 seconds, locks automatically lock.
(8) Low power: 4 AA (5th) battery unlock about 5,000 times, battery life for more than a year.
(9) Low voltage warning: When the battery is less than 50 times to unlock, it will automatic send a low battery alarm when you open the door.APP will shows real-time power.
(10) Real-time monitoring: General users to unlock, his app will push the unlocking information to the administrator mobile.
(11) Cloud backup key: Convenient for recover keys when re-install APP or replace cell phone.
(12) Change phone log in: New cell phone after you log on, the original mobile phone APP exit automatically, prevent cell phone lost being illegally used.
(13) Gesture password: App start up needs to be verified, to prevent unauthorized use of others.
( 14) App SMS alerts: When reset the administrator, the app will send SMS notification to the former administrator.

Door thickness applicable 38mm-50mm wooden door, ideally replace ball door lock. its very suitable for office,home,school,apartment, especially suitable for rental house.

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